Walker is proficient at social media, but it’s clear he finds no happiness in the task. The day of his presidential announcement, his previous 14 Facebook posts were about a state budget he recently passed in Wisconsin. On his Instagram account, he — or, more likely, members of his team — spent nine full days posting fragments of his campaign logo without actually posting the final, stitched-together photo. Unless you’re Taylor Swift promoting your celebrity-packed “Bad Blood” video, that’s not allowed. Yesterday, he tweeted a photo of himself Snapchatting in front of the restaurant where he had his first job. Riveting!

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"Klaine sounds like a country in Europe that you would rather not go to – you know, that you'd rather skip over," jokes Colfer.

“This is one of Mother Nature’s worst kind of storms that can be inflicted on the South,” Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said Tuesday afternoon. “That is ice. It is our biggest enemy.”

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In a way, Carey added, even Alaskans are still getting to know Sarah Palin. She seems to try on different political identities whenever convenient. “When she aggressively attacked Obama and the Democrats at the convention — all that stuff about community organizers and the media — Alaskans felt, ‘Where did that come from?’ She has not been a particularly ideological governor, but they’re clearly using her to rally the base now.
Knowles pointed to the recent “per diem” controversy as one example of the petty ways Palin has “gamed the system” for personal gain. “By establishing the governor’s house in Juneau as her home of record, instead of her family residence in Wasilla where she actually lives, Palin was able to charge the state for $17,000 in per diem expenses. Everybody in the state knows she doesn’t really live in Juneau — she just stays there a few days when the Legislature is in session. She lives in Wasilla, so she shouldn’t be generating travel expenses there. But she hit up the state for $17,000 a year for meals — that’s not what I call just macaroni and cheese for the kids.”

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